Wim Hof Method Weekend : Belgian Ardens

12th - 14 th January 2024

Experience  the Wim Hof Method in its pure simplicity: Playfull. Powerfull. In plain Nature. Tribal. 


* Also suitable for beginners


Wim Hof Method Weekends

Winter 2024, 12th-14th of January: the first English spoken WHM weekend with Dominique Stulens in the beautiful Belgian Ardens. 

You’re in for a special and mesmerizing weekend, whether you’re an experienced Hoffer or you have no experience at all. 

I’m Thrilled to take 15 Beautiful likeminded souls on board for a WHM Adventure you’ll never forget.

In this weekend I will share all my experience and knowledge I’ve gained in 7 years of practising the WHM method and all I’ve learned during numerous WHM retreats with Wim in Poland and Spain and the Wim Hof Academy. 

Put yourself in the expert hands of a WHM Instructor for an extended Wim Hof Method training session. WHM Weekends are intended to be a deeper exploration of the Wim Hof Method than what might be covered in a workshop. “

Over the course of two or three days, all facets of the Wim Hof Method will be extensively covered.

You will learn about the physiological mechanisms that come into play, and engage in a variety of breathing and cold therapy activities. 

The intimate quality of the weekend allows for ample personal attention, and feedback tailored to your specific situation. Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or even just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— a WHM Weekend offers something very for everyone.” 

1. Wim Hof Method Weekend ...

It's all about Love, Playfulness & Connection

During this Wim Hof Method weekend it becomes very clear who is our Ultimate Teacher: Mother Nature Herself. I will be your instructor, but Nature will be your mirror, your guide and your Healer; Healer of unconcious processes that hold us back from living our most authentic Life.  

The conciousness that reawakenings will be apparent in a playfull, unforced and natural way. The consciousness that enables us to reconnect with our inner wisdom and Life force.

Way beyond our human doubt, fear and blocked emotions. 

Once you’ve set this reconnection it feels exciting to overcome yours fears, to put your self doubt to the test and to be vulnerable in a safe and warmhearted environment:

You will rediscover a new and deep trust in your innate intuition and power to act upon this heart voice.  Be certain of one thing: when encounters with perceived difficulties: “Your body and the Tribe have your back!” 

"Once the reconnection with your inname intuition and Life force is reestablished, it feels exciting to overkomen fear and limiting beliefs, while at the same time, it feels safe and extremely liberating to release old emotional pain. You will rediscover a new and deep trust in your innate intuition and power to act upon this heart voice.
Dominique Stulens Level 3 Wim hof Method Instructor (Spain Summer Travel 2022)
Level 3 WHM Instructor

With this trust, we allow the healing powers of nature to reactivate the self healing capaciteit of our bodies. In this powerful unity between Nature and your deepest essence, you’ll experience timelessness and spaciousness. The dimension in which you’ll FEEL Power of the Mind.

At the Same time, doing this intentionally and at will, you’l feel the amazing power of the Tribe.  

Abstract concepts become powerfull expereinces you will be never able to forget.  

When Life force is able to run through you freely again, people start to radiale their Beautiful essence.

Doubt and confusion becomes detemination. Grief turns into Peace and Anger into Passion. Self-doubt turns into seflbelief: creativity blossoms and a deep sense of serenity remains. 

Let The Mystery of Life be your guide during this weekend. In full support of Nature,  the Tribe and your inner power, you’ll feel so strong and so connected: the ending and the start of a new Life Chapter emerges out of nothing. 

2. Wim Hof Method Weekend: goals


Focus does not equal “Seriousness”. Seriousness is Fear. Focus is Trust. As grown ups, we’ve forgotten what it means to be an adult in our Natural Sate: “A child that lives with responsibilities”

Reconnect with your drive to experience adventure, your playfulness and humor, your curiousness and carelessness.  


Let go of “The fear of the group” and experience the Power and support of the group in a vulnerable, yet safe and supportive environment of likeminded people. 

Reconnect with “Oneness” way beyond social status, possessions,   worldly achievements and feel at HOME within the Tribe and Nature. 


Learn to interprete your body signs and signals. Listen to your gut feeling and unconditionally follow your heart-voice. It knows!

Feel the deep human experiences of fear, doubt and human emoticons and learn to embrace them instead of fighting them and pushing them away.

Transcend them by allowing them to be and pass by the light of your conciousness. 


Your body is incredibly intelligent. Learn to reconnect with and trust this intelligence: learn to use your mind in service of this inner wisdom. 

Experience Peace and oJy in the mits of adversity and human emotions as fear, shame, guilt, doubt anger and grief. This is one of the Main keys to happiness.


Rediscover and activate your  Life Force and resilience and your inner Wisdom to choose how you respond to external circumstances, no matter what. 

Rebuild you Gut Power and take accountability for your Life and emotional state. Become committed relying on your calling from within rather than on discipline and external rules to color and shape your Life!  


Recognize unhealed Parts and reset an overly triggered nervous system. Use your breath and Mind to reclaim mental and Physical fitness. Guided by your inner wisdom and innate Life Force.


Recognize and overcome your limiting beliefs, recurring thoughts, paralyzing fears and emotional triggers. Then overcome them!

At the same time, learn to listen to your body and respect your physical boundaries and limits.


Feel how body and senses are overloadedd with Life Force, how the heart opens, the mind expands and you reunite with with the wisdom of your spirit


Change and Broaden your perspectieven and horizon. don’t be wreckless, bus concious:

playfully investigate whether your expereince matches your limiting beliefs. Your self image, world view and the way you see others will change dramatically. 


Beyond fear, emotions and doubt, there is a whole new Inner world. It’s waiting for you to fulfill your potential Voorbij je angsten en twijfels ligt een nieuwe, stille wereld van jouw volle potentieel en talenten die erop wachten om aangeboord te worden.

Laat je creativiteit weer onbeperkt en zonder angst voor oordeel van jezelf of anderen stromen. Opdat je je gaves ten volle kan gebruiken voor hen die jou nodig hebben!


Experience inner Freedom that lies beyond flowing (instead of blokkend) Fear, emoticon and doubt. Create clarity that rises out of confusionand doubt.

The capacity to “just be” and “just witness” in a non judgmental state, will take you to your inner Freedom and Peace! 

3. Wim Hof Techniques and Activities

Druring this WHM weekend you’ll learn all the Wim Hof Method techniques and excercises. Rooted in the Power of the MIND and the Purity and wisdom of Nature. Prepare to Dig deep. Determined and focused, yet playful and unforced.  

1. Wim Hof breathing excercises and techniques

  1. Wim Hof Basic Breathing & de Advanced Wim Hof Power Breathing Sessies (ook WIM HOF DMT Breathing genaamd) 
  2. Wim Hof mediation & relaxation (“Pizza Exercise”)
  3. “Wim Hof Brown Fat activation”
  4. “Squeeze Technique” 
  5. “Horse Stance” & “Humming”

2. Daily (multiple) cold exposure excercises with different intenties and goals. 

  1. Different Natural ways of ice batting. (rivers, creek, lake, …)
  2. Cold walk in Nature  (may be combined with a cold dip) 
  3. Andere oefeningen in de buitenlucht
  4. Snowball fight !? 😀


3. Mindset/Focus/Commitment

  • We dive deep in Wims Mindset and put it to the test in plain Nature. We’ll discuss the three Pillars of the WHM in the depth, how they reinforce each other and how to use them in daily life. 
  • We’ll discuss Wims breakthrough scientific researches and the practical implications for you.  
  • I’ll share all the practical takeaways  and tricks to share your focus and commitment while enjoying the whole proces. 

4. Other Activities:

  • Wim Hof Yoga poses and stretches (trains mindset en flexibility of mind and body)
  • Hartopening meditation 
  • Sharing and integration of your experiences and goals van en integratie van je ervaringen
  • Cacaoceremony (optional) and WHM breathing session on Saturday evening 

4. Location/ Food

A. Location

We stay in a modernised and very well equipe old sawmill in Sankt Vith in de Belgian Ardens,  situated on the top of the world in Belgium. If it snows in Belgium, it will be here during this period of the year! 

There are seven rooms with two single beds and one room with 4 single beds. All rooms have their own bathrooms. 

The sawmill is situated in the midst of the Forrest surrounded with numero’s of possibilities to train cold exposure.

B. Voeding

You may expect a professional cook to prepare delicious vegetarian meals, who takes into account allergies and intolerances.

They prepare delicious breakfast and make sure we are well taken care of all day long. with Thea, coffee, fruits and healthy snacks.  

Accomodation and Foods are included in the Price. Transportation is not.   

5. Reviews Wim Hof Weekend Ardennen


Wim Hof Method Weekend Januari 2023 

Wim Hof Method Weekend Februari 2023 

7. FAQ

Can anyone attend this WHM weekend?

yes, it is suitable for everybody (expect for the known absolute contra-indications; epilepsy; heart conditions, unstable High blood pressure, pregnancy, kidney failure, … ) 

Even during the Wim Hof winter and Summer Travels show up without and experience. We always adapt the program to the grip, but also to your individual needs. 

If you have doubt if this weekend is suitable for you, please contact me for an open, personal chat over the phone or FaceTime.(telefonisch of via mail) 

Wat als ik bepaalde oefeningen niet kan doen of als ik even te vermoeid ben om mee te doen?

Eén van de belangrijke aspecten van de Wim Hof Method is niet enkel je limiterende gedachten te overstijgen, maar ook de fysieke grenzen van je lichaam te leren aanvoelen en te respecteren.
In dat geval passen we de oefening aan of neem je aan deze activiteit gewoon niet deel. Zelfs het aanschouwen van zo’n activiteit is een leerrijke ervaring. Of je gaat gewoon even rusten. Alles mag, niets moet. 

Moet ik over een goede conditie beschikken?

Als je bedoelt of je over de conditie van een topsporter moet beschikken? Neen. Een normale conditie is meer dan voldoende. Als je 1,5 – 2 uur kan wandelen, is je conditie ruim voldoende om alle uitdagingen aan te gaan. 

How can I prepare for this WHM weekend?

Wat is de exacte locatie van de accomodatie?

De exacte locatie vind je terug in de infomap die je onmiddellijk na inschrijving kan downloaden. 


Kostprijs voor het hele WHM weekend: €650 (gezonde vegetarische voeding en overnachtingen inbegrepen)

Wil je graag mee, maar is het financieel makkelijker om je betaling te spreiden of samen iets uit te werken?

-> Niet twijfelen en neem gewoon even contact met me op. Alles is mogelijk!? 


• Kosteloos: until  1 maand voor de startdatum of als jij iemand vindt die je plaats kan innemen.

• 75% kosten (25% terugbetaling): tot 7 dagen vóór de startdatum. 

• 100% kosten (geen terugbetaling): minder dan 2 dagen vóór de startdatum.

Annuleringen moeten schriftelijk worden aangevraagd via stulensdominique@gmail.comvanaf het emailadres dat door de deelnemer gebruikt is bij het boeken van het weekend.