"As a physiotherapist I learned to get to know the body. As an osteopath I learned to admire the body. With the Wim Hof Method, I learned to listen, to feel and to control my body. And my mind.
Dominique Stulens
Physiotherapist | Osteopath | Wim Hof Instructor
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Life is Good!

Like everybody, I have my ups and downs. But in general, I can say I have a great Life. I have an amazing girlfriend and we expect a babygirl in august 2019!

I am the godfather of 2 great kids: Nina and Lukas. I have a nice place, an amazing job, a great bunch of friends and more than enough time to explore life to the fullest.

Life inspires me endlesly. From admiration within and from curiosity. 

In that way I will be always looking for answer. To simplicity. To the quintesessential. To more nuggets of gold. As a way to make my life even better and to help others.

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Osteopathie en kinesitherapie

Inhoud: 1. Grondlegger van osteopathie: Andrew Taylor Still2. Cranio-sacrale Osteopathie en opmerkingen3. Viscerale Osteopathie4. Osteopatische Behandeling  Andrew Taylor Still Grondlegger van de osteopathie is

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